I am an award winning animator, character rigger, technical artist and real-time developer working in Sydney, Australia.

I've been working on a professional level since 1994 working on large scale AAA game development, feature films, TV commercials, game cinematics and also many interactive entertainment projects.  I am currently working on VR and interactive projects and am well versed in both Unreal engine and Unity 3D.

I complement over 20 years of high level creative production and animation with advanced technical skills and advanced character rigging work. I have developed real-time development, animation and rigging pipelines for many major projects as well as bespoke character solutions for smaller studios.

I am well versed in many areas including the technical aspects of production, animation, rigging, optimising workflows for real-time, visual scripting (blueprints or playmaker), python and PyQt, developing tools, lighting and material authoring.

I have developed many rigging and production tools which have been developed using python and mel, and written advanced auto-rigging tools which make the process much more artist friendly and saves valuable production time.

I work both remotely and in-house for clients both large and small scale around the world, offering a high level of technical expertise in creative and technical production and all things animation and real-time development related.  animation solutions for their feature animation, commercials or game development projects.

I also deliver game art and real-time production, rigging and animation master classes and seminars to art schools and universities and take a small number of individual sessions to local professionals and students.  Having lots of experience of film, TV and real-time development production, I am extremely interested in where these two areas are rapidly converging.